Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Your Bikini Area?

Grooming pubic hair is a pain down the nether. The razor bumps irritate you. The awkward chat with your aesthetician embarrasses you. So you decide to dump razors and wax and give laser hair removal or electrolysis a try. Trust me, you are not the first one, because these treatments are more permanent. But before you make an appointment, read this article first.

Laser hair removal VS. electrolysis

Laser hair removal uses a focused beam of light to damage the basal hair cells. It uses the contrast between hair and skin to target and destroy follicles. The method produces long-term results, but needs many sessions to complete.

Laser treatment works on anywhere except for near the eyes. Both the technician and patient need to wear protective glasses during the procedure.

Moreover, each individual laser session is short. An experienced technician can finish the job in 10 minutes. Though you need to take week-long breaks between sessions, because hair cycles as it grows. The regrown hair will be lighter and finer, so your skin stays smooth for a long time.

During electrolysis, your practitioner inserts a needle into each hair follicle. The procedure removes your hair via either chemical reaction or thermal destruction.

To sum it up, electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method. Whereas, laser hair removal is considered permanent hair reduction. But in practice, one is NOT inferior to the other.

Lasers can cover a larger area in a given period, but less effective for people with dark skin or light hair. Electrolysis work on all skin types and hair colors, but it will take longer to complete. Some people start with laser hair removal and go back for the strays with electrolysis later.

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The pain level

Pain is always a factor of bikini line hair removal – no matter what method you choose. Many patients feel the sensation of laser like a rubber band snap. And less than 1 percent of them demand a numbing cream. But you need the supervision of a doctor because its overuse may cause complications. Those include irregular heartbeat and slowed breathing.

Health risks

Laser hair removal is more popular than electrolysis. But that does not mean lasers are risk-free. Common side effects include redness, swelling, and change of skin color. In rare cases, patients reported blistering and scaring. Whereas, electrolysis can cause scarring, keloid scars, and skin discoloration on the treated area,

But do not let those side effects turn you away. Experts say that your risk of any long-term complications are minimal. Minor side effect like irritation will disappear within hours after the laser session. Over-the-counter meds like Advil can help easing the pain and discomfort. But if the symptoms stayed, you should check with a doctor as soon as possible.

You might heard rumors saying laser hair removal causes infertility in women. They are not true. The laser cannot reach your organs because it cuts less than a millimeter into your skin.

Laws and regulations

Both laser hair removal and electrolysis are safe. But the laws may say otherwise depending on where you are in the US. In some states, the statute considers bikini line hair removal a medical procedure. Whereas other states allow non-physicians to perform the procedure. In reality, it gets more complicated because no all states have strict rules on licensure. In other words, you are responsible for finding out which technician is the best for you.

Continue reading: Laser Hair Removal Laws and Regulations by State

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Reduce your risk

Besides finding a pair of capable hands, you should know your risk of complications. Consulting a doctor to find out whether you are the best candidate for either treatment.

After electrolysis treatment, you should to keep the pubic region clean and dry for two days. You should not scratch itchy skin or pick at small scabs. But rest assured, both are normal as your skin begins to recover! Moreover, you should avoid sun exposure by applying sunscreen. Do not use bathing products that can irritate skin, like perfumed body lotion or soap, for the first 48 hours. You should also wear flexible and soft underwear.

Now you already knew to avoid the sun and tanning service. You should also steer clear of other hair removal methods like shaving or waxing. Let your skin recover from the treatment. Which means, you should not use steaming hot water in the shower. And keep your favorite body scrub away from the treated area for a few days.


Laser hair removal and electrolysis both reduce hair growth in long-term. Laser treatment is quick and convenient but its effectiveness varies by skin type. Whereas, electrolysis is more permanent but needs more time to finish.

The final cost for both options depend on various factors. But most health insurance plans cover neither. The best hair removal solution for you depend on your budget and timeframe.

And, remember. You cannot switch midway from one treatment to another. For instance, changing from laser to electrolysis reduces the efficacy of hair removal. You should always consult a medical professional or dermatologist in advance. The doctor will help you decide which treatment is the best for you.

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Why laser hair removal is effective?

Hair removal by laser has become more famous after some time, particularly lately. This has made more makers engage in this enormous roaring business. Be that as it may, before the makers can deliver their items to the worldwide business sectors, they ought to get the consent from the Food and Drug Administration Department (or comparative establishment in different nations) ahead of time. The association is responsible for either giving endorsement or denying endorsement to such items.

The techniques that have gotten endorsement from the FDA and are presently generally accessible available comprise of different kinds. Various items are utilized to serve various techniques. The wide assortment of hair removal lasers incorporate the Ruby Laser, the Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser, Long Pulse Nd: Yag Laser, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Devices.

The most established strategy that has been utilized in the field of hair removal for quite a long time is the Ruby Laser. Light just as fine hair are the most appropriate sort of hair to which this hair removal laser can applied to. However, there are a few demonstrated burdens in utilizing this technique. In the event that the patient has very brown complexion, this strategy isn't a choice. Nor is it material to those individuals who have tanned skin. One more known inconvenience of this strategy is that it covers just an area of hair that is minuscule. This multitude of variables have made the technique lose prevalence throughout the most recent couple of years.

How to choose the right laser?

The second most seasoned sort is the Alexandrite Laser which turns out to the instrument with the most noteworthy speed of laser. It functions admirably with patients whose figures are sensibly huge and have the composition of light-to-olive. This sort of laser is utilized the most regularly everywhere.

As referenced before, darker looking individuals are not qualified for Ruby hair removal lasers. All in all, does it imply that they have no choice of laser hair removal? No. They most certainly have a choice gratitude to the Diode Laser, which works in opposition to the Ruby laser. Diode Lasers turn out only great for individuals with brown complexion. However, it doesn't work out so well for those individuals with lighter or better hair. Since the paces of redundancy of treatment for these kinds of lasers are high, it very well may utilized for the lively treatment of huge areas of hair.

There is likewise a kind of laser that can securely utilized on individuals with the tanned skin. Indeed the Long Pulse Nd: Yag Laser can securely utilized paying little heed to the skin sort of the patient. Like the Diode Laser, this technique additionally has speedy redundancy rates and hence can utilized to treat enormous collections of hairs rapidly. In any case, the patients who have been treated with this sort of laser guarantee that it disturbs them more when the medicines last. It has additionally demonstrated to insufficiently compelling for those with the light and fine hair, who are more reasonable to different kinds of lasers.

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Intense pulsed light

The last and latest kind of hair removal lasers are the Intense Pulsed Light gadgets. With this treatment system, there is in reality no laser utilized. All things being equal, the technique utilizes counterparts to lasers. Same, it is said, in light of the fact that it additionally has specific photothermolysis idea which is something very similar to that of a laser. However, there is a disservice. It is more hard to utilize these gadgets than to utilize lasers. Consequently, it is important to employ a talented doctor who has bunches of involvement, which might well bring about higher spending financial plans.

Laser Hair Removal is an exceptionally well known choice for some individuals who need to keep away from the aggravation of waxing and need a more long-lasting answer for undesirable hair development. In any case, to certain individuals, the possibility of a laser focused on their skin can overwhelming and may have a few hesitations about it. Quite possibly the most widely recognized inquiry posed is the way agonizing it is. This article has some laser hair removal data that will assist you with improving comprehension of what is involved and assist you with making the entire method more agreeable.

Laser Types

Various lasers are utilized relying upon the skin and hair tone. They have advanced throughout the years to cause almost no tissue harm and convey better outcomes. More or less, they work by crippling the hair follicles and keeping the hair from becoming back. It ordinarily takes between 5 - 10 medicines to complete the entire cycle totally. Individuals with more obscure complexions will generally have more delicate skin, so conversing with your laser specialist concerning what laser to utilize is an unquestionable requirement. The long heartbeat ND: Yag laser works best on people with coarser hair or brown complexion tones. It tends to a piece excruciating.

The Alexandrite long heartbeat laser had become extremely well known, partially in light of the fact that it has a customisable reach and could cover a huge region rapidly. It works best on people with light to olive shaded appearances. Contingent upon your agony limit, the sensation can shift from awkward to very difficult.

There are other hair removal lasers like the Ruby and Argon lasers, yet the more current innovations have to a great extent delivered these outdated.

The Soprano Diode laser is one of the freshest lasers, and thought about the business' "highest quality level." It is the most agreeable of the multitude of lasers available. Since it utilizes a nonstop movement, rather than the beat technique for different lasers, it warms the hair follicles tenderly and bit by bit, rather than "impacting" them. Hair removal with the Soprano is both compelling and wonderful; two words you could never hope to see together while portraying laser hair removal!

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Fix Testing

Obviously, you can likewise request that your laser expert play out a fast fix test. This includes focusing on a tiny piece of the area you wish to eliminate hair from and checking whether the technique makes any responses your skin. You will likewise see what the interaction feels like and you can converse with your laser specialist regarding how to make the real method as agreeable as could expected.

Desensitizing Cream

Desensitizing is very powerful also. Laser hair removal can pretty much as awkward as waxing to certain individuals, though with an alternate sensation. You can request that your laser professional utilize some desensitizing cream on the region before the method. This is an effective sedation that main deals with the outer layer of the skin however it has demonstrated to exceptionally successful in freeing some from the uneasiness.

Cooling Tip

For extremely touchy skin, the laser expert can utilize a cooling tip. This goes on the tip of the laser and lessens the hotness the patient feels during the technique, diminishing torment. It additionally forestalls any skin harm framing thus.

These are the principle ways you can make the entire cycle more unwinding on yourself and shield your skin from harm. For more laser hair removal data, conversing with your laser expert exhaustively is suggested as she will work with you to get the most ideal outcomes. Any current skin conditions ought to talked about also so the fundamental advances taken to get the best outcomes.

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