Holiday Perks: Laser Hair Removal At Home

Let's be honest, we are ready to cut any corner to prevent shaving our legs during holiday season. Because we hate it! I'm excited to remove hair with a laser handset. It's a handheld unit that guarantees to burn down your hair for good. It gets the job done as effective as a professional treatment. For the record, what you do with your body hair is up to you. Which means it's perfectly fine to keep them anyways.

If you don't understand how laser hair removal works, here's the takeaway. Lasers aim pulsed beam on hair, which heat up and damage the dark pigment in hair follicle. Focus on the same location over and over, and it will prevent hair regrowth in the future. That's the key to the kingdom of any at-home laser hair removal device.

So what happens if you want to do it yourself at home? Generally speaking, is at-home laser hair removal effective? We can give you a few tips based on our knowledge on the subject. So you might learn something helpful from this article.

Tips for effective laser hair removal at home

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In general, at-home laser devices cost around a few hundred dollars. Whereas, a laser session at beauty clinic charges a hundred dollar, more or less. Here's the caveat: most people need 4 or more sessions to complete the treatment. Besides, waxing the suggested once every a few weeks can cost up to half a grand a year. Moreover, razor blades and shaving cream build up to thousands in long term. So the takeaway here is that at-home lasers cost more up front but save you money over time.

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Laser hair removal is not for everyone

Warning: laser hair removal at home is only safe if you have light or medium-toned skin with dark hair. If your skin color is a little bit darker than medium, the laser device cannot tell the difference. Dark hair on dark skin is the least suitable candidate for laser hair removal. Doing so will cause skin burns and discoloration. In addition to that, lasers don't work well on grey or blonde hair also.

Be patient about the result

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Like we mentioned before, you will need 4 to 8 sessions to see the final result. It doesn't matter if you do it at beauty clinic or with a laser device at home. You also need to take week-long breaks between sessions because hair cycles as it grows.

It might hurt a little

Mid-armpit destroy, you'll probably be reviling your folks for your hairy qualities, as well. It feels similar to somebody with little, paw like nails is squeezing you… over and over once more. Hard regions (like your shins or lower legs, for instance) will hurt significantly more than spots with more pad to them (like your calf). That is on the grounds that the skin nearest deep down is more slender. Yet it doesn't imply that hair is more hard to treat.

In any case, here's the motivation to suck it up: higher power levels yield much speedier outcomes. At-home laser hair removal gadget has up to five settings for strength levels. So rather than it taking eight meetings to arrive at without hair status, you should be possible in a large portion of that. Also, your skin changes with the sensation, so later a couple of destroys, you'll be utilized to it.

Don't use it on your pubic region

Sounds self-evident, however I'd lie assuming I said. I didn't peruse the bearings multiple times observe a justification for why. It wouldn't be that awful to attempt at-home laser hair removal on my privates. In any case, I'm happy I didn't attempt this at home and held that errand to the experts. The skin down there is extra-touchy, so you can focus on the two-piece connect yet I wouldn't get into the triangle.

Shave before laser hair removal

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In contrast to waxing or shaving where you need hair to be become out and long enough to pull or trim. Laser hair removal works by focusing on the hair follicle or root at the outer layer of the skin. So hair shouldn't be long that the laser can't track down the root. Then again, you shouldn't wax for somewhere around a month prior at-home laser hair removal treatment. Since waxing eliminates the base of the hair. And the laser should have the option to find that to adequately dispose of it.

At-home laser hair removal is effective

However, that doesn't mean it's long-lasting. You'll require final details from time to time later you arrived at your ideal outcomes. Assuming you notice a wanderer hair growing a year later treatment. It implies that either the follicle's regular development cycle wasn't done. You can quit treating the region with laser hair removal at home. Or, the hair was excessively fine for the laser to focus in any case.

Cosmetic minimally invasive procedures

In general, "cosmetic minimally invasive procedures" are surgeries without stitches and cuts. These procedures are on the rise because the recovery time is short. Patients can resume daily routine after the treatment. For example, an experienced technician can finish a laser session under 10 minutes. Shorter sessions also means less time investment.

Laser hair removal is on the rise because it is fast and almost painless. No visible would needs to recover after treatment. Laser device is also better than electrolysis because it is more sanitary. An unsterilized probe from electrolysis could cause skin infection after treatment. You want to avoid that.

What is telemedicine?

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More patients visit their doctors via telemedicine appointments, according to the survey. More than half doctors responded using telemedicine more than before. They also used more virtual communication to meet their patients during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, telemedicine for primary care in the U.S. totaled 35 million visits in Q2 2020. Fast wireless communication allows patents to monitor themselves without relying much on doctors. Better communication means better decision making. Patients are more willing to stay on treatment plans because they are more involved.

Things to do or avoid after laser hair removal

A typical laser hair removal treatment takes 3-6 sessions to complete. Which means, what you do through out the period can affect the final result. Some things you should do, but others you better avoid. Right after the laser session, you can see redness or swelling on the treated area. But don't worry, these symptoms are normal. You can ease the discomfort with a cool compress, aloe vera gel, or soothing cream. Keep using them for five days and the symptoms should go away. But if they persisted longer than a week, you need to see a doctor.

For your own wellness, you should refrain from extensive activities during skin recovery. For example, physical exercises are bad because they let you sweat a lot. You should not remove hair with tweezers, waxing, or depilatory cream, but shaving is okay. Moreover, you need to stay away from direct sunlight while doing outdoor activities. You should put on SPF30 sunscreen if you have to go out for whatever reasons.

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