5 Myths about Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

The short answer: sure, it's generally safe.

If you think conventional hair removal gigs like shaving a hassle, you might want try lasers. But you might not know this: lasers can remove hair at home now. Instead of letting a dermatologist or trained expert, which is expensive, you can DIY at home. Sounds good?

For most of us, laser hair removal is safe and effective. The treatment stops hair growth cycle by damaging the hair follicles. Moreover, the procedure is minimal invasive. Which means, the procedure is not related to any long-term side effects.

That said, we are going to check out side effects of laser hair removal anyways. Although short-term side effects may appear after the procedure, permanent damage in rare. What's more is that any claims about connection to long-term health risks are unknown.

Minor side effects

laser hair removal is safe and effective

Laser treatment uses precise, high-energy lasers. Which means, the heat from laser may cause temporary symptoms post procedure. Itchiness and skin discoloration are the most common temporary side effects.

Redness and irritation

Laser hair removal can lead to brief skin discomfort like irritation. It's also common to see some redness and swelling on the treated area. Nonetheless, these symptoms are minor. You probably already had them after other hair removal methods, such as shaving.

You can apply a topical anesthetic prior to the treatment in order to reduce any discomfort.

Generally speaking, irritation should be gone hours after the treatment. You can also put cooling packs on the skin to ease the pain or swelling. If the symptoms persisted, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Skin discoloration

laser hair removal works better on lighter skin tones

Post treatment, your skin may turn darker or lighter than before. If your skin tone is light, you may notice some darker spots after laser hair removal. And the possibility is vice versa to people with dark skin. As a result, they might spot some lighter spots on the skin. But like redness and irritation, these symptoms will disappear not long after.

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Acute side effects of laser hair removal

Sometimes, laser procedure can cause more acute side effects. The chances of side effects increases on people with dark-toned skin. Or, the laser is on the inappropriate energy levels. Acute side effects of laser hair removal include:

  • Abnormal hair growth on the treated skin. Rarely, the symptom is overlooked since it looks like hair shedding post procedure.
  • Altered skin texture over large area. Your chances of the symptom rises when your skin was already tanned.
  • Over growth of scar tissue. This symptom is often seen on people who develop scar tissue quickly.
  • Severe blistering and scaling. These symptoms are likely results of direct sun exposure after laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe while pregnant?

laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy

This system isn't suggested during pregnancy. This is because no human examinations have demonstrated side effects of laser during pregnancy.

You might need laser hair medicines for inordinate hair that has developed during your pregnancy. Normal spaces of expanded hair development incorporate the bosoms and stomach. Notwithstanding, by and large, these hairs drop out all alone. So you may not need any clinical medicines in the event that you after your pregnancy has finished.

In case you're pregnant, consider delaying until after conveyance. Your primary care physician may prescribe that you stand by half a month to be protected.

Will laser hair removal cause cancer?

It's a fantasy that laser hair removal can cause malignant growth. Indeed, as per the Skin Care Foundation, the strategy is at times used to treat specific types of precancerous sores.

Various lasers are utilized to treat sun harm and kinks. The lasers utilized in hair removal has such a negligible measure of radiation. Furthermore, the insignificant sum is just being demanded on the outer layer of the skin. In this way, they don't represent a danger of malignant growth.

How to avoid skin cancer?

You can bring down your danger of creating skin cancer growth with these anticipation tips:

  • Utilize a sunscreen of somewhere around 30 SPF consistently. Apply it 15 to 30 minutes prior to heading outside.
  • In the event that you're perspiring a ton or swimming, reapply your sunscreen at regular intervals.
  • Stay away from the sun between top sun hours, which are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In case you should be outside, wear shades, caps, and light apparel that will cover your skin.
  • Do a self-assessment of your skin one time each month.
  • Have your primary care physician do a yearly assessment of your skin.

Will laser hair removal cause infertility?

laser hair removal is not related to skin cancer

It's additionally a legend that laser hair removal can cause fruitlessness. Just the skin surface is impacted by the lasers, so the negligible radiation from the methodology can't infiltrate to any of your organs.

Converse with your primary care physician about side effects if you're attempting to get pregnant.

Infertility in men

Male fruitlessness can be treated in an assortment of ways, contingent upon the reason. Treatment choices for men can incorporate a medical procedure, prescription, and helped conceptive innovation (ART).

Medical procedure can fix obstacles that are keeping sperm from being available in the discharge. It can likewise address conditions like varicocele. Sometimes, sperm can be recovered straightforwardly from the gonads after which it tends to be utilized in ART medicines.

Prescriptions can be utilized to treat issues like hormonal lopsided characteristics. They can likewise be utilized to treat different conditions that can influence male ripeness, like ED or diseases that influence sperm count.

Craftsmanship alludes to medicines in which eggs and sperm can take care of outside of the body. It can incorporate medicines, for example, in vitro preparation (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm infusion. Sperm for ART medicines can receive discharge, extraction from the balls, or a contributor.

Infertility in woman

women discuss infertility caused by strong radiations

The treatment for female infertility include a medical procedure, prescription, and regenerative help like ART. Some of the time a few kinds of treatment will assist with tending to female barrenness.

It is a fact that medical procedure can now and again can treat female barrenness. It has become more uncommon now because of progressions in other richness therapies. Medical procedure can further develop richness by:

  • rectifying a strangely formed uterus
  • unblocking fallopian tubes
  • eliminating fibroids

Conceptive help can include techniques like intrauterine insemination (IUI) and ART. During IUI, a large number of sperm infuses into a lady's uterus close to the hour of ovulation.

IVF is one sort of ART and includes the removal of eggs that are then effective on a man's sperm in a research center. After preparation, the incipient organism sets once more into the uterus.

The drugs used to treat female fruitlessness work like chemicals. They are normally present in the body to either empower or manage ovulation.


In general, laser hair removal is safe and powerful for the vast majority. As an insurance, you shouldn't finish the system close to your eyes or during pregnancy. See your PCP assuming any uncommon side effects happen after laser hair medicines.

Additionally, realize that the technique doesn't ensure long-lasting removal. You may require follow-up medicines.

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