Pubic Laser Hair Removal at Home: How To Do It Safe

Removing pubic hair is a hassle. But it is summer in the southern hemisphere, and you are going to the beach. You open your closet and take out your favorite bikini. Soon you realize that how furry it looks down there – YIKES!

You, I, and everyone else knows that the beach, bikinis, and pubic hair do not get along. But if you already read our story, The Science of Body Hair, then you knew that hair made us human. We know many of you think that pubic hair is the bane of beachgoer. That is why we will explore Brazilian laser hair removal together. Why it is popular? How to do it at home?

Let us get started!

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What is Pubic Laser Hair Removal?

Laser is a focused beam of light. It can operate on small areas with precision and accuracy. That is why laser hair removal is the best option for removing unwanted hair near the pubic region.

Shaving around your bikini or buttocks is risky work. Because these methods often brought side effects like cuts, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Waxing is another popular method. But pulling and plucking at your hair follicles with hot wax is very painful.

Brazilian laser hair removal is almost painless - without any razors or hot wax. Moreover, you will not have to reach around back blindly with a blade to shave every last tuft of hair. But do not to get confused with a bikini laser treatment. A Brazilian removes all the hair in your pubic area. Whereas a bikini laser treatment only includes the sides of your pubic area.

Many people wondered about the origin of the name "Brazilian". In fact, it has no relation to either the country or people. Yet "pubic hair removal has been common since the ancient times," a study found. The custom of removing all the hair from your most private areas hails back to 400 BC. Even at that time, our ancestors favored a clean look down there. Because a clean pubic region is pleasant to look at. Nowadays, hair removal has become a cultural norm since clothing is more revealing.


Pubic Laser Hair Removal At Home

Search this on Google: laser hair removal at home. You will find a long list of recommended laser devices. Sellers on Amazon or Ebay offer handheld lasers starting around $100. Now you might wonder: what is the difference? To answer the question, we need to understand how laser hair removal works.

In short, the laser beam penetrates your skin and burns out the hair in follicles. It targets the hair root using the contrast between hair and skin color. Your skin will stay hair-free long enough, so that the result might look permanent. Long enough is good enough, because lasers are almost painless and very convenient.

In general, people would prefer removing all unwanted hair in the bikini and pubic region. It is once and for all. Which means, your VJJ never have to see a razor again! The pubic region is crowded with sensitive organs. But lasers are gentle and almost pain-free.

Laser hair removal is effective because its beam only affects on the treated area. It sends out light of a specific wavelength that looks for the melanin inside your hair follicle. The dark pigment will absorb heat from the laser, causing it to burn up and destroy the root. Since the hair grows in follicles, laser eliminates them to prevent regrowth.

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At-home Laser Hair Removal Benefits

People pursue laser hair removal for the pubic region because it is effective. Dermatologists and aestheticians agree that lasers outperform all other methods in many ways. Let us explore some of its benefits:

Top-3 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. Saves time
  2. Saves money
  3. Eliminates ingrown hair

Laser Saves Time

At-home laser devices are easy-to-use. You get down to business, get your treatment over with, and go out and on with your day like nothing ever happened. Moreover, these handheld tools save your time since the results are long-term. Which means, you can stop the weekly maintenance of your pubic region.

Laser Saves Money

Hair removal is expensive. You might spend thousands on professional laser treatment. That is because it takes at least 6 sessions to remove all hair. Add that up over the course of your adult life, and you are well above how much an at-home laser device will cost. Yes, a few hundred dollars might cost a little more upfront, but you will save much more money with laser in the long run.

Laser Eliminates Ingrown Hair

Ask yourself: what is the point of hair removal if it causes ingrown hair? Laser is a superior method since it reduces the occurrence of acne in your pubic region. Moreover, laser is idea for people with sensitive skin type. Because their skins are prone to irritation after waxing or shaving.

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Picking The Right Laser Device

Pubic laser hair removal at home is on the rise. That is because handheld laser is safe, effective, and simple. You will feel little pain, comparing to other aggressive methods like waxing. Even better, you will never need to rely on strangers to operate on your private area. Now, at-home lasers are affordable, making it easier than ever to remove pubic hair by yourself.

However, with hundreds of models to choose from, it is difficult to find the right one for you. To start, here is what to look for:

Energy Levels

Many laser devices offer different energy levels for various skin types. The models have three to five energy levels, from one being the weakest to five being the strongest. For beginners, you should start at the first level (level 1). Later on, you can try higher levels as your skin getting used to the heat from laser.

To make sure the laser is sufficient for your skin type, look for a device with a high number of energy levels. In general, people with darker hair on lighter skin see quicker results.

Light Pulses

The lifespan of the device decreases as the number of flashes increases. The higher the number, the longer the lifespan. Some laser models have over millions of flashes before it stops working. If you follow the user's manual, you can stay hair-free for a very long time!


You should never trust advertisement on at-home lasers before getting hand-on experience. For your peace of mind, look for a model that has a warranty or return policy. The manufacturer is more trustworthy if it guarantees your money back.

Window Size

The window is the glass head piece that is in contact with your skin during hair removal. The bigger the window, the larger the coverage area. The right window size for you depends on the size of the treatment area. For pubic laser hair removal, a small window of 0.3-0.5 square inch is enough to get the job done.


Laser hair removal at home is easy and cost-effective. It is a great alternative for people with patience and a strong sense of commitment. At the end of the day, you are the only person held responsible for the results. So you might want to think twice before ordering your first laser device. Good luck and have fun!

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