Laser Hair Removal Laws and Regulations by State

Many laser hair removal laws debuted in recent years. In the U.S., medical laser suppliers need to strictly follow Food and Drug Administration's guidelines on manufacturing, advertising, and safety in order receive approval for general distribution. However, regulations of laser hair removal in each state is slightly different than another.

In certain states, laws determine who are qualified or not for performing laser hair removal. Regulations and guidelines are usually litigated either by the state's medical board or other occupational boards. Not every state has specific regulations on the subject of laser hair removal.

Bellow is a compiled list of laser hair removal laws by state. The content might have been updated since the writing of this article. It is recommended to check the latest version of your state's regulations.

State Authority Regulation Link
Alabama Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Use of Lasers and Other Modalities
Alaska Alaska State Medical Board Guidelines As To Who May Perform Laser Surgery
Arizona Arizona Administrative Code Title 12, Chapter 1, Radiation Regulatory Agency: R12-1-1440. Medical Lasers
Arkansas Arkansas State Medical Board Regulation No. 22. Laser Surgery Guidelines
California Frequently Asked Questions – Cosmetic Treatments Cosmetic Treatments FAQ
Colorado Colorado Board of Medical Examiners Rules Regarding the Delegation and Supervision of Medical Services to Unlicensed Health Care Providers Pursuant to Section 12-36-106(3)(L), C.R.S.
Connecticut State of Connecticut Medical Examining Board Declaratory Rulings
Delaware Depart of Health and Social Services 4453 Regulations Governing Cosmetology and Barbering
District of Columbia District of Columbia Board of Medicine Policy Policy No. 15-02 (2014)
Florida Florida Board of Medicine Help Center Who can perform laser hair removal in the state of Florida?
Georgia Georgia Composite Medical Board Laser Licensure Frequently Asked Questions
Hawaii Hawaii Medical Board Minutes of Meeting of Janurary 12, 2017
Idaho Idaho State Board of Medicine Guidelines for Hair Removal Using Intense Pulsed Light and/or Laser Devices Supervised by Medical Personnel
Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Title 32, Chapter II, Subchapter b, Part 315: Standards for Protection against Laser Radiation
Indiana Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Practice Related FAQ’s
Iowa Iowa Board of Medicine Report from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Use of Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light Devices, and Radio-Frequency Devices
Kansas Kansas Office of Revisor of Statutes Statutes 65-2872
Kentucky Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Opinion Relating to Laser Surgery
Louisiana Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners Use of Medical Lasers Chemical Skin Treatment
Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine Title 32, Chapter 48, Subchapter 2: Licensure
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene The use of lasers for hair removal
Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering DRAFT Cosmetology, Barbering, and Electrology Regulations - 2019
Michigan Michigan Department of Community Health Use of Laser Equipment By Health Professionals
Minnesota Minnesota Statutes 147.081 Practicing Without License; Penalty N/A
Mississippi Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure N/A N/A
Missouri Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District Opinion ED89333
Montana Montana Secretary of State Rule: 24.156.501
Nebraska Nebraska Board of Medicine and Surgery Cosmetic and Dermatologic Procedures
Nevada Subcommittee of the Legislative Committee on Health Care Interim Agendas Minutes, Exhibit A – Lasers
New Hampshire The General Court of New Hampshire Title XXX, Chapter 329 Physicians and Surgeons, Section 329:1
New Jersey New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners Subchapter 4a. Surgery, Special Procedures, and Anesthesia Services Performed in an Office Setting
New Mexico New Mexico Medical Board Pain Relief Act, Sections 24-2D-1 through 24-2D-5, NMSA 1978, and Section 16.10.14 NMAC of the Board rules
New York New York Department of State Consumer Guide to Beauty Salons & Spas
North Carolina North Carolina Medical Board Laser Guidance
North Dakota North Dakota Legislative Assembly Title 43 Occupations and Professions, Chapter 43-11 Cosmetologists
Ohio State Medical Board of Ohio 1st Stop Checklist: Cosmetic Therapy, Requirements & Regulations
Oklahoma Oklahoma Board of Nursing Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision
Oregon Oregon Medical Board Medical Use of Lasers
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Code Title 28 Health and Safety
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Health Licensee Information
South Carolina South Carolina Legislature Title 40 - Professions and Occupations
South Dakota South Dakota Joint Board of Nursing Minutes April 21-22, 2010
Tennessee Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners General Rules and Regulations Governing the Practice of Medicine
Texas Texas Department of State Health Services Health and Safety Code, Title 5, Subtitle D, Chapter 401, Subchapter M. Laser Hair Removal
Utah Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Standards for Approval of Mechanical or Electrical Apparatus
Vermont Vermont General Assembly Title 26: Professions and Occupations, Chapter 086: Electrologists
Virginia Virginia General Assembly Code of Virginia, Section 54.1-2973.1. Practice of laser hair removal
Washington Washington State Legislature Washington Administrative Code, WAC 246-919-605 Use of lasers, light, radiofrequency, and plasma devices as applied to the skin
West Virginia West Virginia Board of Medicine Public Policy Statement on Surgery Using Laser, Pulsed Light, Radiofrequency Devices, or Other Techniques
Wisconsin Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board Chapter Cos 2: Practice and Professional Conduct
Wyoming Wyoming Board of Medicine Wyoming Board of Medicine Rules and Regulations As-Adopted

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