How Do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Prepare laser hair removal is important. Generally speaking, patients need to undergo multiple laser sessions to completely remove unwanted hair. Which means a proper planning is the best way to begin.

Any patient who plans on laser hair removal, either in a clinic or at home, should first consult a dermatologist. The doctor would examine your skin type and then determine whether or not your skin is fitting for laser treatment. Usually, patients with darker hair on lighter skin are the ideal candidates for such treatment.

In order to prepare laser hair removal, patients are encouraged to abstain from both sun-baking and artificial tanning services. Expansive range (UVA/UVB) sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher ought to be utilized. Do not pull, wax, or zap your hair, despite the fact that shaving or depilatory creams can be applied. The area to be treated might be shaved 1-2 days before laser treatment. A prophylactic (defensive) oral antiviral drug might be begun the day before treatment to smother the chance of fostering a herpes simplex contamination in the treatment region. An oral anti-toxin might be recommended if the nasal or perianal skin is to be dealt with.

On the day of laser treatment, the treated area ought to be perfect and liberated from beauty care products. A skin sedative cream might be applied preceding treatment. Most lasers have a cooling gadget as a cool gel, refrigerant shower, or water-cooled contact piece that decreases the patient's uneasiness. The gadget ought to shield the skin from unreasonable warming just as the capability of skin obscuring or easing up. Everybody in the room should wear defensive eyewear during the laser strategy.

As a rule of thumb, at least three sessions are needed at each site to accomplish permanent hair growth reduction. Hazier hair reacts best to the laser, while lighter hair (white, mixed, or red) is less responsive. Skin prescriptions can be utilized with an end goal to expand the responsiveness of lighter hair to the laser treatment.

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