Patient Safety

Laser hair removal safety is important because lasers are dangerous weapons in the Star Wars movies. But people might not know that scientists invented lasers hair removal decades ago. Since then, doctors have used it in medical procedures. Successful hair removal results showed on the bikini area, underarms, the face, legs, and others.

Laser hair removal safety is guaranteed in the right hands. The laser beam targets on the dark pigment in hair and destroys hair follicles. The process of thermal destruction removes hair in long term.

Skin type and hair color both affects the result of laser hair removal. Patients may experience swelling, redness, infection, and itchiness. Most symptoms disappear in less than a day.

People may take pain relief to ease the pain after treatment. The Food and Drugs Administration encourages all patients to see a medical professional in advance. The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research also provides information about common side effects and long-term health risks.

How To Remove Hair Permanently?

How To Remove Hair Permanently?

Permanent hair removal is possible but can be pricy. Some affordable options like at-home IPL lasers are safe and easy-to-use.