Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is on the rise. The lasers heat up hair follicle in order to permanently prevent hair regrowth. A growing number of beauty fans want to remove unwanted hair. The procedure gained its popularity not only in beauty salons and at home. We wrote articles that cover its benefits, common side effects, average costs, and more.

Apparently, there are gazillions of ways to remove unwanted hair – shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing, burning, zapping – you name it. To simply put it, it is just that some are more painful than others. No kidding. The amount of pain is what people care the most about hair removal. You might still recall the scene in Friends, where Monica and Phoebe lifted tapes from each other’s legs. OUCH!

Ironically, it seems the more painful the experience, the better the result. Or, at least that is the general consensus. But is it, really? The short answer is: not necessarily. This is because various factors affect the feel of pain, including treatment location, skin thickness, hair color, skin tone, and others. However, laser hair removal by far is the only reliable method for permanent hair reduction.