Four Hair Removal Options For Smooth Bikini Line

by | Nov 30, 2021

Hair removal is a manifesto of self-expression. And it indeed can be especially expressive when it comes to the bikini area. If you are longed for a smooth bikini line, you can express yourself by wearing a bathing suit on the beach. Or, you might want to stay hair-free in the pubic region for as long as possible. The conditions don’t matter to you at all. You want to remove hair once and for all. But you also hate stubble and irritation. So you are in a pickle. Let us help you out.

You can remove unwanted hair from your groin and vulva. Many people have done it before and more will do in the future. You can do it in many ways, but each has its upsides and downsides. Some methods are beginner-friendly, whereas others are tasks for experts. You might not be able to prevent stubble and irritation. Or, you need to be patient before you can see some long-tern results. But for every method, they all have the same archenemy: ingrown hairs.

No matter what method you decided to use, you should not picking at ingrown hairs. That is because your action may cause serious skin infections. Instead, dermatologists recommended using an exfoliating lotion or cream with salicylic acid. If these couldn’t help, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Because you might need a treatment for hair removal or medical prescriptions.

But if a smooth bikini line is what you are after, the risk of painful bumps cannot stop you. We checked on numerous journal articles to find out the best methods for bikini hair removal. So that stubble and ingrown hair can’t ruin you appearance in a bathing suit, lingerie, or anything.


woman in bathtub shaving legs

Shaving is the most cost-effective hair removal option. But being simple doesn’t rule out the importance of best practices. As a result, shaving might be as simple as you thought. A good hair removal starts before you pick up the razor.

You should trim your hairs first if they are too long. A bikini trimmer, electric shave, or a pair of home scissors can get the job done without any problem. That is what you call a good start.

Your next step should be soaking your skin in warm water inside a bathtub or shower. Your skin should stay submerged for at least 5 minutes. That way, the water can soften your hairs and make them easier to shave. After that, you need to rub clean the skin around your pubic region. You can use a bathing sponge to remove any loose, dead skin and hairs.

What kind of razor you use also matters. The number of blades is as important as their spacing. Because closely-spaced blades prevent the skin from getting caught up in-between the blades. It reduces the discomfort while shaving on sensitive area. Moreover, more blades means a closer shave each pass. Thus it lowers the chances of skin irritation.


Women waxing their legs

Waxing gives you longer lasting smooth bikini line than shaving. That is because waxing remove the hair from root up instead of cutting them off at the skin surface. Even if you can do it at home with a waxing kit, it doesn’t mean you should do it care-free.

Many things can go wrong at home. You need to keep the wax warm and soft. Watching out for skin damage if you pulled too hard, or you might suffer from irritations caused by the wax’s ingredients.

Waxing on sensitive area can be a tricky task for any first-timers. After a second thought, it might be best leaving it to the professionals. Which means, you should know how to prepare yourself for the best hair removal result.

The length of your hair is the first thing to keep in mind. Waxing provides better results if your hair is at least 8 inches long. If the hair is too short, it won’t be enough for the wax to attach to. You should also stop using body wash products the day before waxing. Bathroom essentials like lotions , gels, or oils may cause the wax to lose stickiness.

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You can remove unwanted hair with sugar paste. This method uses natural ingredients only, and is similar to waxing. Which means, you should refrain from exfoliating a couple of days before sugaring. And you should always do it on clean and dry skin. Do not use skin care products on the day of sugaring. Experts recommend groom your pubic hair to at least a quarter-inch long. So that the sugar paste can properly adhere to your hair. Wait a couple of weeks since the day of your most recent shave.

Moreover, you should stay away from sun light, swimming, or any makeups for two days after sugaring. During which, your skin is vulnerable to UV rays and bacteria. If you can, try to stay less active so that you don’t sweat as much. Otherwise, you might get annoying bumps because perspiring might clog your hair follicles.

One of the benefits of sugaring is that it removes hairs in the direction they grow. Thus it can reduce the chances of ingrown hairs. In long term, sugaring would be substantially better than shaving or waxing. Because the procedure can suppress underlying ingrown hair. A few months later, your bikini area will be free of bumps and hairs.


woman in bikini after hair removal applying sunscreen

If the frequent maintenance annoys you, laser bikini hair removal is the best option. Lasers are safe and effective. So it might be a good time to bid them razors and wax farewell.

The laser heats and destroys the root of hair to stop its growth. But it relies on the contrast between hair and skin to work. Because it targets on the melanin in hair follicle beneath the skin. So the results may vary by skin type.

In general, darker hair with lighter skin produces the best result. You should consult a dermatologist before going to a laser treatment. The doctor will help you decide what is the best hair removal option for you. Or, you can try an at-home laser device saving your budget.

Although lasers provide a long-lasting smooth bikini area, it has some side effects. These include redness, swelling, pain, irritation, pigment changes, skin infections, ingrown hairs. In rare cases, burning, blistering, scabbing, or crusting, textural changes might occur.

That said, people with tanned skin have higher risks for burning. Because the dark pigment in their skin reduces the laser’s accuracy. So don’t get tanned and stay away from direct sunlight before laser hair removal.

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The pain level

Pain is always a factor of bikini line hair removal – no matter what method you choose. Many patients feel the sensation of laser like a rubber band snap. And less than 1 percent of them demand a numbing cream. But you need the supervision of a doctor because its overuse may cause complications. Those include irregular heartbeat and slowed breathing.

Health risks

Laser hair removal is more popular than electrolysis. But that does not mean lasers are risk-free. Common side effects include redness, swelling, and change of skin color. In rare cases, patients reported blistering and scaring. Whereas, electrolysis can cause scarring, keloid scars, and skin discoloration on the treated area,

But do not let those side effects turn you away. Experts say that your risk of any long-term complications are minimal. Minor side effect like irritation will disappear within hours after the laser session. Over-the-counter meds like Advil can help easing the pain and discomfort. But if the symptoms stayed, you should check with a doctor as soon as possible.

You might heard rumors saying laser hair removal causes infertility in women. They are not true. The laser cannot reach your organs because it cuts less than a millimeter into your skin.

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